Gender in the Contemporary World: Articulation, Navigation and Change is a free one-day multidisciplinary conference on Saturday 3 March 2018 focusing on how gender is conceptualised, navigated and articulated in the contemporary world. We aim to create a space where such topics are discussed by different voices: a racially and gender-diverse pool of PhD students, academic faculty, activists, charities and members of the general public. By joining the different approaches to and lived realities of gender, the conference will enable two-way knowledge transfer with the ultimate aim of creating new discussions and collaboration.

In the daytime we have academic, activist and charity presentations plus a keynote from Travis Alabanza. In the late afternoon we have a workshop on how to teach/talk about gender in different contexts. The evening will feature a keynote lecture from Ben Vincent and Meg-John Barker about gender in the contemporary world. As well as informing the less well-versed attendees, this will provide a demonstration of techniques explored during the workshop as well as insights from beyond the mainstream.

Subject areas: gender, trans studies, non-binary identities, activism, language and linguistics, media and visual communication, sexuality and public engagement


The conference is kindly funded by Queen Mary University of London’s Centre for Public Engagement and Doctoral College Initative Fund, as well as the Linguistics Association of Great Britain and Barefoot Wine.


The conference is organised by Ynda Jas (they) and Elisa Passoni (she) with advice from Erez Levon (he), all from the Department of Linguistics at Queen Mary University of London. Ynda and Elisa are profiled on the biographies and presentation descriptions page. Erez is Reader in Sociolinguistics at Queen Mary University of London. His work focuses primarily on the relationship between language and lived experience of gender and sexuality.


Header image designed by Kim Bumstead.